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Past projects part 1: cross-stitch projects

I started crafting back in mid 2008. I can’t recall the exact month, but it was around that time. After my first cross-stitch project, I was still very wet behind the ears, but up to the challenge of anything new. My next set of projects consisted of making various things to show my apprecation to […]

Yoshi Home Sweet Home Complete!

Yes. I know. To anyone who actually still reads this, I have no excuses. Keeping up with a blog can be a chore. I never committed myself to update regularly. I’m a casual poster, so let’s leave it that. Anyways, I finally finished Home Sweet Home Yoshi at end of December last year. I still […]

Yoshi Cross-Stitch Project Week 1

Well after one full week of stitching, I’ve made some decent progress. The only day I didn’t cross-stitch was on Saturday. I was in Seattle all day long hanging out with Jeremy. We went to the Pacific Science Center to check out their most recent exhibit, Animal Grossology. I was expecting more, but I still […]