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Mittens To Match The Cowl

It’s Spring now and what better way to celebrate by making mittens that I won’t be able to use until next Winter. >__> Well, I’ve been wanting mittens for a while now to keep my fingers warm where my fingerless gloves couldn’t fulfill. As always I found the pattern on Ravelry. Now, don’t laugh, but […]

Quick Project: Cowl

Whew. It’s been a few weeks since my last post. I’ve been meaning to post, but as always I’m either busy or lazy. I’m recovering from that respiratory bug that has been going around. I hate it. It sucks. My sinuses are dying. I got good ol’ pseudoephedrine to help out a bit, but it […]

2011 Resolutions and Crafting Goals

I hope everyone had a good 2010. I have to say it’s been a great year for me crafting-wise. I’ve finally learned how to knit and crochet and have made many things since last March. I wish I did more cross-stitch, but my knitting obsession was just too great. Anyhoo, I’ve made a list of […]

Knitted Christmas Presents For All!

I got this post in right before the end of the year! Phew. I hope every has had a wonderful and pleasant holiday season. Mine was pretty nice. Can’t complain. Anyhoo, as said in a previous post, I participate in a Secret Santa gift exchange on the Geek Nights forum. This is the second year […]

Boo Cornucopia Amigurumi

I was originally intending to make this post yesterday, but I got into a car accident on Friday, so I had to take care of a few things. I’m ok. My boyfriend is ok. My car is not that ok. At least I have insurance. And at least I didn’t not hurt any of my […]

Fingerless Gloves Complete

C’est fini! Took almost a month to complete, but it’s done. Well I actually had to restart as stated in a previous post. These gloves were finished in the nick of time as well. The weather has gotten a lot colder to where I need wear these gloves when I’m driving or at work. I’ve […]

WIP: Fingerless Mitts (Unraveled and Restarted)

Ugh. I really loathe when I have to restart a project all over again because I either made it too small or too large. I really need to learn how to gauge a project better. Seriously. My current project is Monkey Fingerless Mitts by Michelle Johnson on Ravelry. The pattern is quite loverly. I’ve been […]