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Past projects part 1: cross-stitch projects

I started crafting back in mid 2008. I can’t recall the exact month, but it was around that time. After my first cross-stitch project, I was still very wet behind the ears, but up to the challenge of anything new.

My next set of projects consisted of making various things to show my apprecation to one of my favorite podcasts, Geek Nights. It’s hosted by two guys, Rym & Scott. When I discovered their podcast, I knew I had found something awesome. Here were two guys from across the nation, that I could relate to on so many levels of geekery. I joined their forums back in June 2007 and have been an active member since.

It was actually Geek Nights and the forums that turned me onto crafting in the first place. I remember in several podcasts/forum discussions they talked about how people should always doing something, creating something, and be doers and not consumers. This struck a chord in me and motivated me to learn how to cross-stitch.

So for one of the co-hosts, Scott aka Apreche, I made him a cross-stitch of one of his favorite all time NES games, Hockey.

I got the pattern from Sprite Stitch. It was simple to do and didn’t take too long. From what I understand, he geeked out over opening the gift. I finished that project late 2008.

Another project that I got from Sprite Stitch was Mario Across the Ages.

I finished this mid 2009. I ended up giving it to a very talented comic book artist, Brandon Palas. I gave it away as an award for making a logo for my website/icon for whenever I craft. I basically wanted a panda cross-stitching and here is what he gave me:

When he posted the image, I was in love. I’ve added color and you should be able to see it as the favicon for my blog. Ahh, pandas. What’s not to love?

My most recent cross-stitch project was a key chain that I made as a Secret Santa gift for a forum friend at Geek Nights. I was actually very lucky I got him as my Secret Santee because he and his girlfriend ended up sharing rooms with my beau and myself at PAX East.

Anyhoo, he recently graduated from Georgia Tech, so I made him a key chain of his mascot and school initials.

He was pretty stoked about the gift as well.

So that’s pretty much it for cross-stitch projects for now. I currently am still working on the same project of a cross-stitch pot holder for a crafting friend of mine, but knitting got it the way. Curse you knitting and all your glorious wonder!

I actually have been thinking about cross-stitching again and have been missing it. Perhaps I’ll go back to the pot holder project last on this week and see how it goes from there.

Happy crafting and be on the lookout for a few more past projects posts.


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