Geek. Gamer. Cat fanatic. Panda enthusiast. Cross-stitch/Knitting fiend.

Rochelle aka Rosaka or Ro is basically all that in a nutshell. She is a girl who is newly into her 30’s that has taken the dive into the world of crafts since mid 2008. She has taken on crafting projects such as cross-stitch, sewing, and knitting so far. She plans on furthering these skills as her motivation/desire/attention requires.

She mainly enjoys incorporating the geekiness of her life and loves into her work and will continue to do so.

Among other things, she loves to play video games, owns all 3 major consoles and handheld systems, plays German board games, watches anime, read comics, and snuggle with her 3 cats and her boyfriend, if there is room on the couch while she crafts. She also volunteers as an Enforcer for the various PAX (Penny Arcade Expos).

She also adores pandas on an unnatural level.

If you want to contact her, please send an email to ro(dot)rosaka(at)gmail(dot)com.

2 comments on “About

  1. Hi,

    I was wondering if you take commission work for custom jobs?

  2. Hi! I saw your animal crossing cross stitch iPhone case, it’s awesome! Do you know of a way to make it for an iPhone 6?

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