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More Knitting Goodies

What can I say? I’ve become a yarn admirer/collector/snob/addict. I at least can say all this yarn was purchased from a friend who is also a starving law student. So it “really” is for a good cause, or at least I keep telling myself that. ^^;; Well it’s worth the money I paid, plus at […]

Yay For Cold Weather!

Hey everyone! Just a quick post to show a picture of me enjoying the fruits of my labor in celebration of the colder weather! As you can see I’m sporting my handy dandy fingerless gloves and my oh so comfy and roomy clover hat. I can’t get enough of them and always wear them whenever […]

I’m On a Podcast!

Along with making posts for Modern Day Pirates, I’m also a contestant on a podcast. No, it’s not about crafting or knitting. It’s a trivia podcast called Atomic Trivia War 9000. It’s a podcast of geeky/nerdy trivia with various awesome people that are mostly from the Geek Nights Forum. I started on episode 3 and […]

This and That: Site Changes

I’ve been toying around with changing the layout of the site. I’ve recently changed the theme to : Spring Loaded. Green is quite possibly my favorite color. It’s not that hard to figure out since I made a clover hat and fingerless gloves in green. I also plan on migrating all my images from imageshack.us […]