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I’m Writing Posts for Another Blog!

From my previous post, I’ve stated that I’m dabbling into writing blog posts for another blog. I’ve recently finished my first game review of S’Quarrels: A Game of Absolute Nuts at Modern Day Pirates. The website is a nice catch-all for the modern day nerd/geek/awesome person. It even has it’s own section written by the […]

Butterfly Hat(s) Project

Another hat project completed! I got the Butterfly hat pattern courtesy of Sofiya Cremin on her Ravelry page. I finished this about a week ago. My cousin wanted me to make his daughter a Jayne hat, but in pink only. I really didn’t want to redo a past project. I feel it defeats the purpose […]

Scott Pilgrim Stocking Hat/Snail Hat v2.0

Hat is finally completed. In the previous post, the hat wasn’t fully completed. I had many tails to weave in as well as I had to sew on the button and make a button hole. However, the hat is finally completed! Thanks to everyone who has viewed my blog. It’s amazing how a simple hat […]


I chose Rosaka because it is a nickname of mine, coined by my friends. It originated from the anime, Azumanga Daioh. One of their characters is named “Osaka”. It isn’t her real name, but since she came from that area of Japan, everyone referred to her as Osaka. If you haven’t read the manga or […]