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Yoshi Cross-Stitch Project Week 1

Well after one full week of stitching, I’ve made some decent progress. The only day I didn’t cross-stitch was on Saturday. I was in Seattle all day long hanging out with Jeremy. We went to the Pacific Science Center to check out their most recent exhibit, Animal Grossology. I was expecting more, but I still enjoyed it. We also caught the new Transformers sequel on IMAX. The movie was overall bad. There was one amazing fight scene, a few good scenes, and the rest was pure garbage. But enough about that. Here is a picture of my cross-stitch progress so far.

Anyways, from my tally on my progress on Twitter I did 908 full stitches, and 1193 half stitches. However, since half-stitches end up become whole, I recounted my progress and I’ve made 1360 full stitches and around 100 half. I’m sure my counting is off a bit. As we can see, I am almost finished with the ground and have started working on the outlines of the grass/bushes and the mailbox. After I fill in the ground, I will work on finishing the outline of the small bushes then work on the tree.

I find it best to make the outlines first then fill in the color. One thing I’ve noticed with this project is how compact the stitches become when using an 18 count aida versus the 14 count. It does give a tighter look overall, but it can be difficult at times to see the holes when trying to make a stitch with the area already surrounded by other stitches.

As for this week, I will still continue to cross-stitch everyday. Since this is 4th of July week, I have a short work week and will probably be able to get more done. Hopefully.

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