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More Knitting Goodies

What can I say? I’ve become a yarn admirer/collector/snob/addict. I at least can say all this yarn was purchased from a friend who is also a starving law student. So it “really” is for a good cause, or at least I keep telling myself that. ^^;;

Well it’s worth the money I paid, plus at a discount with a free skein! (The red one.) All this yarn was dyed by my friend, Nuri, who has a shop on Esty called Dyet Yarns. There currently isn’t much on there, mainly because I keep buying everything, plus she’s also busy with school. Regardless, she does AMAZING colorwork, if you can’t already tell from all the different skeins on the image above. She will be putting more up there soon enough, so feel free to keep checking back and hopefully I won’t have already bought all the pretty shinies she puts up there. ^___~

As for the skeins, in a previous post, I mentioned I bought two of them from her to make socks out of. Eventually they will be used, but they are now part of my always growing stash. The rest of the skeins are ones she dyed, in which she gave me first dibs to purchase at a discount. It was SO hard to resist buying more, but I think I got a decent amount along with a good variety of colors. I did have her custom make me skein:

She calls this colowork: Helios, after the titan god of the Sun. I wanted yellows and oranges in particular for a hat that I’ve been wanting to make. It’s an Eskimimi pattern called Pamplemousse. It’s such an adorable hat, and I wanted to make sure I had similar color yarn to make it. I’m currently halfway done with it and look forward to finishing it.

Yes. I bought even more knitting supplies from Knit Picks. I really NEEDED them. I promise, I do. Well, I will be needing them eventually, so I might as well stock up on them now. How can I possibly call myself a knitter without knitting blocking mats, blocking pins, blocking wires, or more cable needles? I do plan on lace knitting and it always looks better when blocked.

I actually do have a shawl project in my queue that I plan on making for my mother, however the Malabrigo yarn has yet to be delivered to my local knitting store. It’s ok, I have more than enough projects that I’m working on already.

As for other things, these next few weeks will be very busy on the blog. Now that PAX East is finished, I can post a few more projects that I’ve had completed for a while, but couldn’t/didn’t want to post so the surprise wouldn’t be spoiled. I also have other completed projects to post that I never found the time to share. (The real truth is that I was lazy, but this will be our secret.) I am also participating in the 2nd Annual Knitting and Crochet Blog Week that starts on March 27th. The topics are interesting and I plan on working on them this weekend.

So look forward to more blathering by me. Hopefully this will help me improve my blogging/writing skills as well as share more things about myself.


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Knitting and Crochet Blog Week 2011

The 2nd annual Knitting and Crochet Blog Week 2011 will be starting at the end of this month. I wanted to participate last year, but since I had just started knitting I really couldn’t post anything of merit for each day’s topics.

However, with a year of knitting and some crochet under my belt, I have committed to participating this year. This event runs from Monday, March 28th thru Sunday, April 3rd this year. Each day has specific topics to post about. I’ll give a description below, but check out Eskimimi’s Blog for more detailed information.

Knitting and Crochet Blog Daily Topics

  • Day 1. Monday, March 28th. A Tale of Two Yarns.
  • Day 2. Tuesday, March 29th. Skill + 1UP.
  • Day 3. Wednesday, March 30th. Tidy mind, tidy stitches.
  • Day 4. Thursday, March 31st. Where are they now?
  • Day 5. Friday, April 1st. And now for something completely different.
  • Day 6. Saturday, April 2nd. Something to aspire to.
  • Day 7. Sunday, April 3rd. Your knitting and crochet time.
  • Those are some awesome topics. I have a lot of ideas of what to write for many of them and there are a few others that seem more difficult than others. It’s a good challenge, and I feel up to the task. I’ll try to work on some posts this week, but with PAX East coming up next week, most of my concentration/excitement is all about that right now.

    After PAX East, I’ll have around two weeks to concentrate on these posts.

    Hope you guys can participate too!

    Wish me luck! (I’m going to need it.) ^^;;


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    Quick Project: Cowl

    Whew. It’s been a few weeks since my last post. I’ve been meaning to post, but as always I’m either busy or lazy.

    I’m recovering from that respiratory bug that has been going around. I hate it. It sucks. My sinuses are dying. I got good ol’ pseudoephedrine to help out a bit, but it seems this bug lasts for many weeks. At least I have energy to knit.

    As for one of my latest projects, I made a cowl.

    The pattern is from Raverly, as I normally find most of the many awesome knitting patterns I use. It’s Cowl With A Little Twist by Linda Frydl. I had one skein of Plymouth Baby Chunky Alpaca that I bought on a whim because it was so soft and the green colors called to me. I had it in my stash for a while and didn’t know what to do with it. After searching for many patterns the cowl with a twist pattern seemed perfect for the yarn I had.

    The original pattern was only with cables, but I decided to add some eyelets to the pattern for more of a lace look. Plus I love eyelets. Make projects look fancier. If you want to see my modifications, I put my notes on my Raverly project page.

    This was my first project using alpaca yarn. I have to say, alpaca is very nice. It’s so soft and feels great against my skin. The only thing with alpaca is that it’s very stretchy so you have to knit very tightly or with some sort of pattern to keep its shape. But yes, alpaca is awesome and I’m currently making some mittens with baby chunky alpaca right now.

    As for other projects, I have so much to share. However, because they are gift/surprises for people, I won’t be able to share until mid-March.

    As for my New Year’s Resolution goals, they are going fairly well. I have a few hat projects to share for my donation project, but that will be posted at a later date.

    Other things, I have some awesome yarn made by my friend, Nuri, coming in the mail. It’s actually A LOT of yarn I purchased from her, so look forward to see a big box of wonderful yarn soon enough. I have many projects planned for that yarn.

    Also coming up from March 11th-13th is PAX East. Jeremy and I will be Enforcing again, and I am extremely looking forward to going back to Boston to hanging out with friends from the East Coast and getting my game on. I also plan on bringing a few knitting projects to keep my occupied during downtime.

    Anyhoo, life is alright except for my damn sinuses.

    Hope you don’t get the bug!


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    Die Hard Cross-Stitch Ho, Ho, Ho


    Going to sneak in a hopefully quick post before the end of January. I’m proud to say that I have accomplished one of my resolutions for the year. I finally completed another cross-stitch project.

    I present to you Die Hard cross-stitch:

    If you don’t already know, this is a reference to a scene of a true holiday classic, Die Hard. Here is the scene where it’s referenced from:

    I didn’t make this for myself. I rarely do that. I have a compulsion, you see. I love making things for people and giving it to them as presents. It’s always rewarding to hear how happy people are when they receive my gifts. Plus, it’s always another reason for me to keep on crafting.

    The pattern was made by myself using PC Stitch Pro. It wasn’t a difficult pattern to make, and it didn’t take long to finish either. I made this particular piece for the distinguished gentleman from the world of podcasting, Mr. Dave Riley of Fast Karate for the Gentleman. The podcast is great. I can’t remember how many times I’ve had many laughs from their reviews of bad anime, video games, and overall inane banter of absolutely nothing. This piece is also because of their similar titled podcast where they talk about Die Hard.

    Mr. Riley has already received his gift and was very happy with it. Another satisfied giftee. What I found funny with the finished product, was my forgetfulness in regards to mounting and framing cross-stitch designs. I made the piece to be exactly 5″ x 7″. What I forgot is that when you put a picture in a 5″ x 7″ frame, the actual space that is visible is smaller. Also most frames are for flat images and not for thick things mounted on a foam core board. After much searching, I did find a frame to where the mounted cross-stitch design on the foam core board fitted perfectly in this frame, which has no glass. I removed the glass and used a glue gun to secure the design in the frame. It’s somewhat ghetto, but it works out.

    I might have another cross-stitch project I plan on finishing up that I haven’t touched in about a year. We’ll see how it goes.

    As for knitting, I’m still knitting to my hearts delight. I have two super secret surprise hats already done, but won’t post them until a few months from now. I’ve started making a 4″x4″ swatch with sock yarn. I plan on making socks very soon. I’ve also purchased a book to help with this task, Teach Yourself Visually: Sock Knitting. This book seemed to be the best book for what I needed that was available at the book store. As a fairly experienced knitter, I needed something that will give me the basics of sock knitting, with detailed information and examples along with a lot of “how-to’s”, and basic to more complex sock patterns.

    I have some “practice sock yarn” from the Lion Brand Sock-Ease line. Once I think I’m competent enough to make socks, I’ll start using my fancier yarn.

    I have many more projects that keep adding up in my queue, but I’m waiting for my local yarn store to get them in stock. Hopefully sooner than later. I really want to work on a part of mittens for myself, even though the weather is getting warmer.

    Well hope you like the cross-stitch. I must get back to knitting!

    Happy crafting!


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    More Harmony Wood Needles

    Recently, I received more Harmony Wood knitting needles from KnitPicks.com. What more could I ask for? Well I could ask for more needles in sizes that I don’t have, but for now I have enough to last me several projects throughout the year.

    My wonderful boyfriend got them for me as a late Christmas present because he lacked the funds. Better late then never!

    As you can see from the image, I got the 6″ DPNs (double pointed needles) in US sizes 0-3. That’s 2mm, 2.25mm, 2.5mm, 2.75mm, 3mm, and 3.25mm for the civilized metric system using world. It’s more commonly known as the Sock Needle Set. These babies will get me started on one of my resolutions/goals this year to learn how to knit socks. I can not wait to use them. I already have purchased some beautiful merino/cashmere sock yarn in Raze the Sky and Tequila Sunrise from my favorite yarn maker, Nuri aka dyetyarns on Etsy. But before I start using her yarn, I will more than likely purchase a skein of inexpensive yarn to practice my first pair. I saw some Lion Brand yarn at Joann’s and probably will purchase that when I get my next coupon.

    As for the other needles I have DPNs in US 4, 5, and 10 as well as 16″ circulars in 2, 4, 5, and 10. I also purchased a 60″ interchangeable cable for the large knitting projects that I will eventually do in the future.

    As for my resolutions, I’m doing well. I have completed two hats for donation and am currently on the third one. I will be making another hat as a present for a friend. I am also starting a cross-stitch project this week for Podcaster that I am a fan of. I can’t divulge anymore because it’s a surprise. I’ll try to make a post with the hats soon enough, but for now I must attend to my other hobbies.


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    Atomic Trivia War 9000 Podcast Has Moved

    If you remember, I mentioned that I’m a regular contestant on a podcast called Atomic Trivia War 9000.

    Here’s a good description of what it’s all about:

    Who invented Godzilla? What was Cobra Commander’s real name? List three movies starring Pete Postlethwaite.

    If you can answer those questions, we want to enlist YOU in the ATOMIC TRIVIA WAR 9000, a glorious fight for the very future of Earth. The war isn’t waged with guns or tanks, but with facts and figures, pop culture references, and a big dose of geekery.

    Join Jason, Omar, Ro, Kevin, and a host of guest contestants as they battle weekly. There’s no points and no Googling, just head-to-head trivia combat.

    This isn’t a mild seismic activity quiz challenge. This is Atomic Trivia War 9000!

    Well the awesome people at Simply Syndicated have graciously decided to host the podcast. So please make sure to update your subscription feeds to:


    So look forward to hearing me laugh and giggle while I make a fool out of myself.


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    2011 Resolutions and Crafting Goals

    I hope everyone had a good 2010. I have to say it’s been a great year for me crafting-wise. I’ve finally learned how to knit and crochet and have made many things since last March. I wish I did more cross-stitch, but my knitting obsession was just too great.

    Anyhoo, I’ve made a list of goals that I think will keep me challenged but still be attainable.

      Learn to knit socks. Socks are probably the one of the more difficult things to knit from what I’ve heard, and I want to learn. Plus, I love socks. When it’s not summer, my feet are constantly cold, so I’m always wearing socks. I figure why not make awesome warm socks instead of buying them?

      Knit a hat every month. I love knitting hats. I love circular knitting. Because of the holiday season and the continuing recession our country is in, the need for charity is even greater. So I’ve decided that I will knit at least one hat per month and give it to charity by next Christmas. I’ll be mostly using designs I find on Ravelry and using the yarn in the above image.

      Get back to cross-stitching. The last time I actually cross-stitched something was early last year. I didn’t even finish the project because I started to knit. I want to at least cross-stitch a few projects to keep up the skill and make a few designs of the 8-bit/geeky nature.

      Do more Amigurumi. I’ve only done a few amigurumi projects and I want to continue to do more. I want to make really cute adorable animals for myself and for presents.

      Keep the blog updated with posts. As long as I’m still crafting, I should keep the world updated with what I’ve been doing. I think that I’ve done a fairly decent job with at least posting twice a month. I want to try to post once a week with something useful or noteworthy. At times, I’m just too lazy to post after I finish a project. I always intend to do so, but I’d rather move onto the next project! ^^;;

    Well those are my goals. I think I can do it. We’ll see how it goes. Along with these goals, I will continue to knit more things for myself and friends while trying to learn new techniques along the way.

    As for the yarn image, I realized something recently with a hat project I was making. I really can no longer knit with Red Heart Super Saver Yarns. Don’t get me wrong. Red Heart does have several products other than their Super Saver line that is nice to use and will still be using them. The Super Saver yarn is decent for beginning projects, but I just don’t enjoy knitting with it anymore. It’s like scraping your nails on a chalkboard. I’m not kidding. I even used my Knitpicks Harmony wood needles, and it was painful.

    So I had to get more yarn. There was a sale at Joann’s for yarn, so I ended up buying several of the Lion Brand Wool-Ease skeins. The yarn is fairly soft and nice to work with, but also inexpensive. It’s also part wool, so it’s possible to felt with it, unlike 100% acryllic yarn. Several of the hats you’ll be seeing in the future will be made from that yarn.

    So now, I have several skeins of yarn of the Red Heart variety that I won’t be knitting with. Don’t worry. The yarn will not go to waste. I already have several ideas of what to do with it. I probably will do some amigurumi projects with them, as most amigurumi projects don’t require super special yarn. I also might use it to make small knitting kits to give to people who want to learn how to knit, or I will just give it to my boyfriend and he eventually wants to learn how to do amigurumi. If all else fails, I can donate it.

    So here’s, hopefully, to a successful fun year of knitting, crocheting, and cross-stitching! Wish me luck!


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