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Mittens To Match The Cowl

It’s Spring now and what better way to celebrate by making mittens that I won’t be able to use until next Winter. >__>

Well, I’ve been wanting mittens for a while now to keep my fingers warm where my fingerless gloves couldn’t fulfill. As always I found the pattern on Ravelry. Now, don’t laugh, but these are the gloves that can be found in the Twilight movies that Bella wears. It’s a simple horseshoe cable pattern that is very easy to follow. It actually compliments my cabled eyelet cowl quite nicely.

I used the same Plymouth Baby Alpaca yarn that was used to make the cowl. I’m obsessed with green. It’s the best color. Also I wanted alpaca because it’s so soft and it keeps my hands hands warm. If it’s one thing that I really can’t handle is cold hands and fingers. Fellow knitters can understand this because you can’t knit if your fingers are chilled to the bone.

Anyhoo, it was a quick project. This was one of the first projects that I used Magic Loop Knitting. It’s quite possibly one of the best methods for knitting small projects in-the-round. It’s also convenient if you only own interchangeable needles and no DPNs. As much as I like using DPNs, I predict many of my future small circumference in-the-round projects will be done with the magic loop method vs. DPNs.

Don’t forget that next Monday is the launch of the 2nd Annual Knitting and Crochet Blog Week! The countdown has begun, and I’ve been diligently working on each topic. So keep posted, and you will see knitting/crochet bloggers from around the world post about our glorious passion/addiction to all things yarn. If I don’t live up to this goal, I will forever hide in shame!

Practicing my hiding in shame!


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