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Quick Project: Cowl

Whew. It’s been a few weeks since my last post. I’ve been meaning to post, but as always I’m either busy or lazy.

I’m recovering from that respiratory bug that has been going around. I hate it. It sucks. My sinuses are dying. I got good ol’ pseudoephedrine to help out a bit, but it seems this bug lasts for many weeks. At least I have energy to knit.

As for one of my latest projects, I made a cowl.

The pattern is from Raverly, as I normally find most of the many awesome knitting patterns I use. It’s Cowl With A Little Twist by Linda Frydl. I had one skein of Plymouth Baby Chunky Alpaca that I bought on a whim because it was so soft and the green colors called to me. I had it in my stash for a while and didn’t know what to do with it. After searching for many patterns the cowl with a twist pattern seemed perfect for the yarn I had.

The original pattern was only with cables, but I decided to add some eyelets to the pattern for more of a lace look. Plus I love eyelets. Make projects look fancier. If you want to see my modifications, I put my notes on my Raverly project page.

This was my first project using alpaca yarn. I have to say, alpaca is very nice. It’s so soft and feels great against my skin. The only thing with alpaca is that it’s very stretchy so you have to knit very tightly or with some sort of pattern to keep its shape. But yes, alpaca is awesome and I’m currently making some mittens with baby chunky alpaca right now.

As for other projects, I have so much to share. However, because they are gift/surprises for people, I won’t be able to share until mid-March.

As for my New Year’s Resolution goals, they are going fairly well. I have a few hat projects to share for my donation project, but that will be posted at a later date.

Other things, I have some awesome yarn made by my friend, Nuri, coming in the mail. It’s actually A LOT of yarn I purchased from her, so look forward to see a big box of wonderful yarn soon enough. I have many projects planned for that yarn.

Also coming up from March 11th-13th is PAX East. Jeremy and I will be Enforcing again, and I am extremely looking forward to going back to Boston to hanging out with friends from the East Coast and getting my game on. I also plan on bringing a few knitting projects to keep my occupied during downtime.

Anyhoo, life is alright except for my damn sinuses.

Hope you don’t get the bug!


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