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WIP: Fingerless Mitts (Unraveled and Restarted)

Ugh. I really loathe when I have to restart a project all over again because I either made it too small or too large. I really need to learn how to gauge a project better. Seriously.

My current project is Monkey Fingerless Mitts by Michelle Johnson on Ravelry. The pattern is quite loverly. I’ve been planning to make myself some fingerless mittens for quite some time. I currently have a pair that I bought at a local street fair, but I wanted something longer and made by myself.

I’m using that brilliant Earth Kingdom Yarn made by Nuri for this project. You know the ones with the vibrant jewel tone gold, greens, and sapphire. I was originally going to create my own pattern and somehow implement the Earth Kingdom logo from Avatar: The Last Airbender on back of the hand, but I liked the pattern on Raverly better. Basically, I got too lazy to make my own pattern and found a pattern worthy of such fingering yarn. =P

Anyhoo, after a week of working on the project, I realized that I made the gloves a bit too large for myself. By 16 stitches to be exact. Sigh. The original instructions were too small for what I wanted, and I ended up doubling the amount of cast on stitches. I should have known better. One day, I will. I was almost about to start the thumb gusset when I saw it was too large.

It was looking so nice too. ; _ ;

I had to unravel it all, rewind the yarn, and start all over again. T__________T

It’s not uncommon for the knitting fanatic to have to restart a project over again. I’ve actually had to restart most of the projects I’ve done to date. It just really irks me when I see the project/pattern looking so nice to then have to unravel it all and start again. However, this time, I’m pretty sure the size is perfect for me.

It’s funny sometimes, when you get frustrated about restarting a project, you realize that it was better that you did. From some weird happenstance of the yarn gods, the redo of it actually came out better in regards to the color and pattern. From the length of color stripe along with the circumference of the gloves, there are small sections of the pattern that alternate between two of the colors. It will slowly spiral as the glove gets longer, but it’s coming out very nice.

One side of the glove.

Other side of the glove.

So far the combinations of alternating rows of colors are contrasting well. I especially like the golden yellow and sapphire combo. These gloves are going to turn out to be awesome.

So, all-in-all, my mistake turned out to be the knitting-blessing-in-disguise. So far a few things I’ve realized:

1. Yarn stretches. What you think is too small, actually stretches out to fit perfectly.
2. Lrn2gauge. Knittinghelp.com recently came out with a new video about the basics of gauge.
3. Make the 4″ x 4″ swatch to know your gauge. Don’t be a lazy ass and rely on what the yarn label recommends.
4. Don’t get frustrated with having to restart a project. It’s bound to happen 50% of the time.

So, back to knitting. I really want to get these gloves done before the weather gets colder. Happy unraveling and restarting!


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