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More (Clover) Hats

Hats are so far my favorite things to knit. Mind you, I’ve only knitted a small handful of other items. I can’t help it. Hats are very fun to knit. One reason why I enjoy knitting hats is because they are done by knitting in the round.

It’s probably the easiest way to knit most things because most things we are are in a round shape. Also you don’t purl for most part, unless the pattern calls for it.

This is the first hat I made for myself. I actually finished it in July, but, as always, got too lazy to post about it. It’s my own very own clover hat that I made from just a basic clover pattern. As you can see, I used the pretty Lagoona Lambswool I bought from awesome friend, Nuri. I recently bought more of her pretty yarn, so look forward to more of my completed project with her fabulous yarn.

As for the clover hat, it was actually probably the most frustrating project I’ve done. I would say it’s the most frustrating because I didn’t really work off a full pattern, but just the pattern to make the clover part. I had to figure out where and when to do the increases and decreases. I also had a few mistakes along the way to where I had to undo the project and start all over again. *sigh*

I also had the yarn break on me. Twice! T____T I combined the yarn using a basic joining method. After doing that, I later found out I could have felted the yarn. >____< I didn't know anything about felting, until Nuri told me about it. I felt so silly. But, lesson learned.

This project was also my first time using the techniques of slip-slip-knit (ssk), yarn over (yo), and passed slip stitch over (psso). I can't express how awesome video tutorials are of these techniques. The internet is truly a wonderful invention and one of the best teachers out there.

Now, I just need to hope that the weather gets colder, much colder, so I can wear this hat!

This is the Ballard Slouch Hat created by Felicia Lo on Ravelry. I recently finished this hat upon the request of my good friend’s wife. I made it extra slouchy so she can hold all her hair in there if she wanted to. There is a bit of a clover pattern in there, well mostly the basic techniques of it.

This is another hat done with ssk, yo, and psso. The new technique I leaned was the knit through back of loop (ktbl). It was used in the ribbing of the hat and it looks good.

I hope she enjoys the hat. I’m pretty sure she will. Hopefully.

I have a few more hat projects that I want to do. There are so many great patterns on Ravelry that it will take 100 lifetimes to do them all. I also have the knitting fever of whenever I see something on television or in public of a really cool knitted piece, I wonder what sort of pattern it is or how to make it. Reverse engineering patterns can be tricky, but awesome if you have that skill.

Anyhoo, I must get back to my current knitting project. I’ll post about it later with some teasers. I’m having a blast with the yarn, the needles, and the pattern. It’s knitting bliss.


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One comment on “More (Clover) Hats

  1. great slouchy hats! love the colour choice, too.

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