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Butterfly Hat(s) Project

Another hat project completed! I got the Butterfly hat pattern courtesy of Sofiya Cremin on her Ravelry page.

I finished this about a week ago. My cousin wanted me to make his daughter a Jayne hat, but in pink only. I really didn’t want to redo a past project. I feel it defeats the purpose of me trying to learn new knitting techniques with each new project. I also figured when I found the pattern, he wouldn’t mind and neither would his daughter. The new technique I learned from this pattern was the use of floats. It turned out to be an extremely easy technique. I will have to dabble with that more in the future. More than likely when I try out fair isle knitting.

This was probably my favorite project I’ve done to date. However, that will probably change within the upcoming months. One of the main reasons I enjoyed this project is this was the first time I became acquainted with Cascade Yarns. I used their more popular 220 Superwash brand. It was 100% wool that was so soft. The yarn worked so wonderfully on the needles. I knitted the hats with so much ease and in little time. It was amusing because along with the yarn, the needles seemed to match the yarn itself.

They are your basic Susan Bate’s knitting needles size 7 in a pretty metallic pink color. You like the stitch marker? It screams Rosaka. I actually purchased that stitch marker at a local yarn store I recently discovered. This wonderful shop that I so luckily found is Unraveled Yarn & Artful Gifts. It carries an abundant amount of Cascade Yarns as well as many other fine wool yarns. It will be my new mecca of the knitting world. I got the butterfly buttons from the local Joann’s. I figured it’s about time I added buttons to my hat, and the color and style fit oh so well.

As for the other butterfly hat, my coworker saw me knitting at work and adored the hat. She requested that I make one for her niece. I figured I would probably have enough extra yarn to make it, so it wouldn’t be a hassle. A few days after I finished the first one, the baby hat was completed. I had to use some of my awesome mathematical and logical skills to make the pattern work for a smaller size. Surprisingly enough, it worked out.

The baby hat worked out so well, that Tare Panda just had to try it on!

So another knitting project added to the “finished” pile. I have more and more on the “to do” pile as the days go by. I know I haven’t posted anything about that scarf project, but I have every intention of doing so. It’s actually on hiatus, and will probably restart it in a few months. I’m beyond ecstatic for my next project. I’ll be making fingerless gloves with another lovely skein of yarn I purchased from the oh so amazing Nuri at her Etsy store.

I’ll give a teaser of the fabulous yarn.

Soon, very soon I will be knitting with you my pretty yarn. For now I will call you George and pet you and rub you and hug you and love you forever.

As for other things in the world of Rosaka, I’m dabbling in writing game reviews and anything related in the world of the geeks/nerds/awesome people on another Word Press blog. More details for that later. I think I might actually post more things on my blog that aren’t related to crafts but random things going on in my life. We’ll see how that goes.

Happy knitting and happy times for you!


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