Scott Pilgrim Stocking Cap/Snail Hat

Just a quick post. I’ll post more details later. I finished this earlier tonight. A good friend of mine wanted me to make the hat from the Scott Pilgrim graphic novels for him. It’s the hat that is striped and rolled into what resembles a snail shell.

After taking a few screen shots from various trailers online the costume designer for the movie actually made the hat:

So I found similar yarn and came up with this:

Thank you, J. for posing for me!

I am very pleased how it came out. Anyhoo, I have a busy week ahead of me. I have PAX Prime coming up and I will be Enforcing at Table Top! You might even see me knitting my long term project in my spare time there.

I’ll post more about the hat later, and perhaps even the pattern for it!

Edit [09/01/10]: I just found out that the person who made this hat was Lulu Bee. Her version of the hat is on Ravelry. She hasn’t posted a pattern yet, however she says she will in the future.

I already noticed that her hat has a few differences, but they are still for most part the same.

Awesome hat, Lulu Bee!

Update [12/12/10]: For those interested about the back story of this hat check my next post about it. Or feel free to check out the pattern on Ravelry.

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10 comments on “Scott Pilgrim Stocking Cap/Snail Hat

  1. Can you please post a pattern for this and would this be easy for a beginner?

  2. Thanks for posting this up on Ravelry. I’m making it up in purple for my daughter — she’s very excited.

  3. I got this pattern on ravelry and i love it! thanks for posting it!

    the only thing i would suggest is (as a beginning knitter and this being my first project on circulars) it might be handy to post a reminder that stockinette in the round is different than stockinette flat. i didn’t realize that, so my brim is twice as thick as the MC stripes. oh well. i figure i’ll give this one to my friend who wants to cosplay scott, and i’ll make another one for myself later. πŸ™‚

    other than that, thanks again and keep up the great work!

  4. Hey, big fan here. I was wondering if you are willing to sell this hat? I really would love to buy it. Email me if you are interested in selling.

  5. I’m also very interested by this stocking hat. I may be the greatest Scott Pilgrim’s french fan ever so I would be very happy to own this snail hat. Can you answer me if you’re buying it ?

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