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All Wound Up in Yarn

One task that knitters soon find themselves getting into is winding yarn. Most yarn can be bought in skeins or center pull balls. There are times where you purchase yarn that will need to be wound up for proper knitting usage. This is where learning how to skein yarn comes in handy.

I recently purchased yarn from my friend, Nuri. She has her own store, Dyetyarns on Etsy. Her store sells luxury fiber yarns, both brand new or recycled, and hand-dyed yarns. Nuri has a lot of really wonderful colors on there, so if you’re in the market for more yarn, so please check it out.

I bought her hand-dyed lambswool recycled yarn in a pretty scheme of greens she refers to as lagoona.

Aren’t they loverly shades of green? My cat, Digit, thinks so.

Well here I was with skein of yarn that needed to be knitting ready. I decided to obtain a nostepinne. A nostepinne is a tapered stick that is used to wind yarn by hand into center-pull balls. It’s tapered so you can easily slip the ball of yarn off the stick when you’re done.

Normally nostepinnes can go for $10-$40 from various online shops. I have yet to see one in a craft store, however I really wasn’t look that hard for one. I found it easier to make your own nostepinne. I read an article in Stitch ‘n Bitch Nation (pg.77) on how to make your own nostepinne. You basically buy an unfinished table leg at any hardware store, have them cut it down to 12″, sand off the rough edges and voilà, instant nostepinne. (It also seconds as sturdy beat stick, for when you need to hit things. ^_~)

I purchased a colonial red oak table leg at Home Depot for $6 and a sanding block for $3. After some cutting and sanding I made my very own special winding stick.

So for those that are pinching pennies and that don’t mind taking a few moments to do some sanding, I recommend making your own nostepinne as I did.

As for my current knitting projects, my double-knit scarf is almost half-way done. I might actually take a break from it to work on other projects that have been on the burner, such as a hat for myself with the lagoona yarn and hat for my cousin’s daughter. I also have a cross-stitch project that I need to finish as well. It’s a present for an awesome friend, and I’ve just been lazy about it as well as obsessed with knitting.

I will also be posting more past projects as my motivation permits, so be on the lookout for those.

Happy yarn winding!


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