Knitting and DS Cozies

Hello to all my non-readers and the lonely void of the intertrons. It is I, Ro, back from yet another long break of being lazy/busy/indifferent.

No apologies, no excuses. Just a post to update my life, my crafts, my constant addiction to always have some sort of project to where I create something to keep my hands busy.

So 2010. Not bad so far. Along with continuing my crafting of things either by cross-stitch or sewing, I’ve pledge to take up new skills with creating things with my hands. My first challenge was to learn how to knit. My knitting mentor/instigator, from the FRC Forums, Nuri S. encouraged me to take up knitting. She is an awesome person with knitting skills that make me envious and makes me hopeful to be at that level. The forum thread she created, inspired and motivated me to start learning.

At first, I was very nervous and uncertain that I could take up the task of learning how to knit, especially since I planned to learn on my own. I can honestly say that learning from a book or pictures is intimidating and confusing. I recommend to not use them at all if you can avoid it. I would say that the best way to learn how to knit is to have someone show you. If you don’t know anyone who knows how to knit, that’s ok. That’s why we have this wonderful bastion of free information called the internet.

The site I found the most useful was KnittingHelp.com. Amy, the knitting guru, explains all the basics and advanced techniques of knitting and provides videos for them. I cannot express how easy the videos were to follow and understand. The website also gives explanations of abbreviations you would see in knitting patterns and other various tidbits about knitting. Amy (knittinghelp.com), thank you for teaching me how to knit.

Anyhoo, onto the projects! After practicing the basic stitches (knit & purl), increasing and decreasing, and other techniques, I decided that my first project would be to make a DS cozy. What is it with me and DS cozies? I can’t get enough of them. For one, DS cozies are a good project for starters and who doesn’t want a DS cozy?

I used the pattern I found from Knifty Knits. The pattern was easy to follow, plus it gave me a good way to practice knit and purl stitches. I normally prefer the stockinette stitch pattern, but the alternating purl and knit stitches create a cushion for the DS to absorb impact. Here is the finished product:

I used a multi-colored skein of yarn called Ocean from Red Heart Yarns. It contains various hues of purple, blue, and turquoise. It coordinates quite nicely with Jeremy’s teal DSi. Jeremy also chose the metallic cat button. This piece also taught me how to use the mattress stitch to combine sides of a knitted piece as well as to make a button hole. As always, I didn’t think I would be able to do those things, but the videos from knittinghelp.com helped me so much.

After that cozy was done, I decided to give the Dapper DS Cozy from Eskimimi Knits a try. I wanted to try this because it introduced me into using two colors of yarn and being able to work them throughout the pattern. It didn’t take that long to make at all.

I used colors Light Country Rose and Dark Thyme from Red Heart Yarns. I liked the color combination, however if the cozy is put up against certain colors, it looks more like gray and pink than green and pink. This piece was very fun to work on and I learned how to make button hole loops. It was easy to learn and another good way of making a button hole.

I honestly don’t know what I’m going to do with this DS cozy. I’ll probably give it to my cousin’s daughter as a present. I still like DS cozy I made for my hot pink DSi and don’t plan on replacing it anytime soon.

But yes, knitting! Huzzah! I have taken you on, and have been so far successful. I plan on knitting more projects throughout the rest of the year along with keeping up with cross-stitch projects as well.

As for my next project, courtesy of Red Shirt Knitting, The Jayne Hat from Firefly.

I have all the materials I need, and I’m excited to start this project. ^_^

Must start knitting now…


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