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My First Cross-Stitch Project

I’m finally getting around to posting previous craft/cross-stitch works that I’ve completed. My first cross-stitch project I worked on was a popular manga character that goes by the name of Yostuba. The manga is called Yotsuba&!, created by Kiyohiko Azuma, known for his very popular creation of Azumanga Daioh.

I used one of the more commonly known images of Yotsuba from Volume 3, Chapter 15, Yotsuba & Souvenirs, page 18, where she gives Asagi a four leaf clover:

I uploaded the image onto PC Stitch Pro and created a pattern. I used the basic 14 count Aida (14 stitches per inch). I honestly don’t know when I started this project. I want to say late September or early October of 2008, but I finished it in December. Even though I made a few tiny mistakes like backwards stitching, it still came out very well.

I then applied the piece to an acid-free foam core board along with a pre-cut mat. I had to trim a bit on the mat to show the entire piece. There are a few mistakes, but it still looks good. It’s now hanging up in the hallway of my apartment.

From this first cross-stitch project, I learned a lot of basic strategies of being more proficient with starting and finishing up a my floss and how to fix mistakes. I plan on working on more anime/manga related pieces in the future, but for now it’s all about video games.


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