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Yoshi Cross-Stitch Project Week 4

Another week and another posting of my progress. I cross-stitched so much this week that my right middle finger started to get sore and raw from pushing in the needle for when I anchor my floss. I basically push the remaining thread under back stitches so the thread holds in place. When doing that sometimes, the needle is tougher to push so the back of the needle can sometimes dig into the top layers of skin on my finger. So now my fingers are developing a bit of a callus. I’m reminded of a certain Simpson’s episode, Bart’s Dog Gets an F where Marge teaches Lisa how to sew, and one of the ways to show a person is a skilled in sewing is to have your fingers callus enough to where you can’t prick your finger so easily with a needled. If I keep up with the rate I’m going with cross-stitching, I bet I will be like Marge and Lisa.

Anyways, it’s picture progress time!

I was fortunate that I took Wednesday off, in which I could cross-stitch to my heart’s content. For this week, I finished up the tree trunks, filled in the fire place, filled in the grass, and have almost finished filling in the backgrounds between the tree trunks. If you have noticed, Yoshi has yet to be filled in. This is done intentionally because I am going to be filling in the adorable dinosaur last.

My next plan of action is to finish filling in between the tree trunks, then fire place. Then I will move onto the outer background filling in, then work my way up. It will be easier this way, I think at least.

I find it amusing when I cross-stitch. My mind starts delving off into thinking about what my next project will be instead of the task at hand. I can’t help it. I enjoy cross-stitching and seeing my creations come to a finish. I don’t know if I’ll be doing anymore large projects anytime soon. However, I think I will be working on small tiny projects like bookmarks or key chains.

Because Otakon was this week, it got me to thinking, I bet I could make really cute cross-stitch designs of anime characters in SD/chibi form or video game sprites as bookmarks or key chains and possibly sell them at Artists’ Alley at a future anime convention. This is only an idea. I haven’t committed to it, nor have made any plans to do so, however I will be working on ideas of what characters I will be choosing.

If anything, I think it would be fun to have a table at Artists’ Alley at the next Sakura Con, and see how well that goes. The only problems I currently foresee is the short time I have to prepare and make these items, as well as PAX East is around that time, and I intend on going to that, so the money situation might not be optimal for putting in so many conventions in such a close time frame.

If anything, I can try to plan all this stuff for Otakon next year. It will give me a good incentive to go, since I’ve never been to an out of state convention.


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