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Yoshi Cross-Stitch Project Week 3

So another week has passed. Didn’t get as much done this week as I had planned, but I still got a lot done.

As you can see, I’ve started doing some of the background light blue hill areas as well as the shading of the tree and branches. I’ve also started working on the grass. After I finish with grass and tree trunks, my next plan of action is to work on the chimney. That will at least be my goal for this week, even though it’s a pretty tall order.

Sometimes when I’m cross-stitching, I take a moment to look at what I’ve accomplished so far. I find myself mesmerized at times just seeing how much thread it took to fill in a small area of space. I also like running my fingers over the stitches and the aida cloth. It reminds me of Braille. I just enjoy filling the bumps between the spaces I’ve already stitched and the gaps that need filling. Soon it will be all one smooth surface.

I realize that this project and many other past projects I’ve done take a lot of patience and dedication. If only I could put that energy towards other things I’ve been needing/wanting/ and should be doing. All in good time, I guess.

On another note, when I went to Joann’s to get more embroidery needles, Jeremy, my boyfriend, told me he wanted to try out cross-stitching. I was very amused at this thought and also a bit excited. I guess he has a few images he would like to make into cross-stitch. I told him that he needs to practice first with a very basic pattern, so he picked up a pre-stamped cross-stitch pattern of an orange tabby cat.

He’s so far only worked on a few stitches, and he is already a bit discouraged, but I told him he’s doing a good job and it just takes practice.

I think it’s really cute and adorable he’s trying to share a hobby that I enjoy a lot. I just hope he enjoys what he’s doing.


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