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Yoshi Cross-Stitch Project Week 2

I’ve decided to stop doing the daily post on my Twitter page of the cross-stitch count I’ve done that day. It’s honestly too much effort to count. The picture progress will be fine enough.

Since it was a holiday weekend, I had a 4 day weekend to which I cross-stitched so much I have a cramp in my neck and shoulders from looking down so much. I at least am happy that I did get A LOT of work done.

I pretty much am finished with the black color floss (Thank you, sweet Zombie Jesus). All I need with black is to do the Z’s of Yoshi sleeping and the outline for the apples and letters. Now, it’s all about COLOR!

If you compare it to the previous week’s picture, you can obviously tell I got a lot done.

When I was cross-stitching over the weekend, I notice a few minor errors in my original design. It was mainly with the chimney. The pattern in the bricks above the tree were different from the one below. In all honesty, I should have made the bricks all the same size of height of two stitches, but I really didn’t want to do the rework, so I kept it the way it was. I also am changing the coloring of Yoshi’s eyes when I put in the color. No big deal on the changes, but I just wished I caught them a bit sooner.

Another thing I noticed when I was cross-stitching, I get a lot more cross-stitching done with Audiobooks than with DVDs. It’s pretty obvious why, but I wanted to rewatch/listen to a few DVDs I had. I switched back and forth between the two all weekend.

But yes, that was my boring weekend: Lots of cross-stitching!


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