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I chose Rosaka because it is a nickname of mine, coined by my friends. It originated from the anime, Azumanga Daioh. One of their characters is named “Osaka”. It isn’t her real name, but since she came from that area of Japan, everyone referred to her as Osaka. If you haven’t read the manga or watched the anime, Osaka is known to be a bit spacey at times, says very weird random things, and is known to fall asleep at any moment’s notice.

When my friends and I watched Azumanga Daioh, we seemed to noticed how certain characters of the anime reminded us of one another. Apparently I am the “Osaka” of the group. I can’t blame them because it’s true.

My name is Rochelle. Most people who know me in real life call me “Ro”, and I enjoy that nickname. It’s simple, short, and self-explanatory.

You can easily guess how Rosaka came into fruition.

I plan on using this handle from now on. For a long time, I went by islandergirlro. Pretty much anything you see on the intertrons with that name, it will more than likely be associated with me. However, I’m older now. I no longer care to associate my ethnicity or gender to my internet identity. I’m not the young girl I once was, trying to get attention from the boys in the chat rooms because of my name.

So fell free to call me “Ro”, “Rosaka”, or just plain “Rochelle”.


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